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Identify Better Business Bureaus that produce reports on regionally-soliciting charities. There were two different office spaces and I would have liked to be in just one so I could get to know other people in the organization a bit better. As an alumna of the Science Talent Search, she is the the President & CEO and publisher of the award winning magazine, Science News. Maya attended the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics and became involved in the mentorship program. Her project, “Isolation and Characterization of a Tetracycline Resistant Plasmid of an Animal Isolate, Streptococcus faecalis, SF2” was submitted to the Westinghouse Science Talent Search which is now sponsored by Regeneron.

Partisan and ideological differences were found in views about the contribution of scientists and engineers but not in views about medical doctors. A number of the questions asked in these new surveys repeat questions that Pew Research Center asked citizens and scientists in 2009. The only one of 13 issues compared where the differences between the two groups are especially modest is the space station.Fully 64% of the public and 68% of AAAS scientists say that the space station has been a good investment for the country; a difference of four percentage points. In some areas, like energy, the differences between the groups do not follow a single direction — they can vary depending on the specific issue. For example, 52% of citizens favor allowing more offshore drilling, while fewer AAAS scientists (32%), by comparison, favor increased drilling.

The Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship prepares leaders and organizations with the business skills needed to achieve lasting social change. Scientists’ overall assessments of the field, while still mostly positive, are less upbeat than they were in 2009 when Pew Research conducted a previous survey of AAAS members. Partisan groups tend to hold similar views of U.S. scientific achievements and, the drop in ratings of U.S. scientific achievements since 2009 has occurred across the political spectrum. Among scientists, the public’s knowledge about science — or lack thereof — is widely considered to be a major (84%) or minor (14%) problem for the field. Includes complete filing data (financial details, names of officers, tax schedules, etc.) in machine-readable format. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you.

Here we are reporting on the existence of a policy as reported by the charity on its Form 990. Providing copies of the Form to the governing body in advance of filing is considered a best practice, as it allows for thorough review by the individuals charged with overseeing the organization. The Form 990 asks the charity to disclose whether or not it has followed this best practice. If the charity has not distributed its Form 990 to the board before filing, then we deduct 4 points from its Accountability and Transparency score. Build relationships with key people who manage and lead nonprofit organizations with GuideStar Pro. The 2019 Science Talent Search selected 300 high school students and invited 40 finalists to Washington, DC to compete for $250,000 in college scholarships.

Both Republicans and Democrats have shifted by about the same amount in their assessment of science’s effect on the quality of the environment; there are no significant differences by party affiliation when it comes to the overall effect of science on the environment. Two-thirds (66%) of Republicans and independents who lean to the Republican Party say the effect of science on the quality of the environment in the U.S. has been mostly positive, as do 61% of Democrats and independents who lean toward the Democratic Party. 92% of AAAS scientists say scientific achievements in the U.S. are the best in the world (45%) or above average (47%). Scientific achievements to be either the best in the world (15%) or above average (39%) compared with other industrial countries. We also link to copies of audits nonprofit organizations that spent $750,000 or more in Federal grant money in a single fiscal year since 2016.

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